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02-07-2010, 05:07 AM
Engi Cap/Cruiser.

Run full weapons with all my points into boosting shield skills. I run with EP to shields, which gives me an extra 21 power in shields for 30s out of 45s so far (scales up more I think) then EPS conduit part of the time as well... runs 125 weapon 95-100 shield power for part of the fight (I have efficient engines in T3, tee hee)... Can dps, heal (engi team + hazard emitters) and refill shields like crazy (1400ish per pulse with extend Mk II) oh and can take quite a bit of punishment. Hazard emitters doesnt seem to be scaling properly with its skills, but it still heals quite a bit.

Its not a bad Idea to balance yourself between weapons and shields, you get more medals, and done right you can be more useful overall to your team.