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Originally Posted by Koldfusion View Post
I played WoW since day one. We couldent play much the first month and a half but most of us also got 30 day EXTRA credits on our accounts. At least the ones who phones up Blizzard.

7 Digit steam account.. Yeah ive been a PC Gamer possibly since you were gleam in your dad's eye.

I DONT MIND DOWNTIMES!! Load issues the first month of an MMO is normal.

But the lack of polish, broken missions that have been broken since we beta tested... The mishandling of retail sales for preorders.

This game COULD BE AWESOME!! And its why i am so vocal about this. Just needed 6 more months in the garage before willingly taking our money
This post made me laugh a bit, given the adverage age of most here (based on the photos thread) appears to be in the region of mid-20 to late-40s based on that alone I'd hazard a guess that majority of people here have been gamers since before the PC even existed.

Hell I'm in my late 20s and PCs were only released to the public sector a few years after I was born, so making the statement that you've been gaming longer than members here were even born for the most part is likely to be quite unlikely.

It'd be like me saying that I've been MMOs since before you were playing video games, I mean it's potencially a true statement given I was playing MUDs back in 1989 over BBS-based Networking... not quite the same as the internet we have today back then you had to physically phone up the server to get updates and it was ridiculously expensive to do so, espcially at 9600 baud. Still point remains I have no idea how old you are and it would be assuming much about you, as well as on the whole be a bit of an egotistical statement believing as it portrays that a) I have more experience with MMOs cause of how early I began playing their pre-cursors and b) that your limited time using them is less valid due to my age.

Still I'm no longer young enough to believe I know everything anymore.

This said let's say for arguments sake that you've been playing games since home computers (given you said PC gamer not Video Gamer, and Consoles were actually released earlier... ahh fond memories of Coleco Vision) then that means you've been playing them since the early 80s.

Still as such, you would've begun your gaming life on essencially a Static System Configuration. Those days were good weren't they? Not just being a gamer, getting a new tape home, waiting 5-15minutes for it to load to memory with the physical audio of the data squealing away in the background knowing that the game you're playing should work flawlessly but also from the developer point of view knowing that the game you've put blood, sweat and tears in to will work exactly the same to for whoever plays it because they're using the exact same hardware.

Now let's leap to current gaming technology.
We have Consoles which still have that original specification of every gamer is using the same hardware, just like when home gaming began... but huh, what's this they now have the ability to patch games after release? I wonder why the silly people at Microsoft and Sony have allowed developers to do this, surely a Console game can't possibly have bugs or errors.

Oh but Jimmy they do, you see Jimmy when a games developer has an idea now he has to get a big group of his friends together to try and make it. Why? Because Jimmy while in the 1980s game characters were hyper-realistic when they were made up of more than 16 pixels and the extend of gameplay boiled down to jumping, shooting, rotating or simply climbing up ladders, gamers over the past 30 years have become ever more increasingly demanding.

If our beloved Pong, Space Invaders, Space Wars or Pacman were to be released today gamers would demand that they be Normal Shaded with Ambient Occulsion, Soft-Particle laced and all in High Definition graphics before they will even think of trying the game out. As for the gameplay, this has become even more demanding as no longer would Pacman be navigating a maze eating pills and avoiding ghosts; instead he'd be fresh out of prison, slapping hookers and stealing cars to get his next big score and get revenge on his rival gang of ghosts.

It's big work making such a game Jimmy, but unfortunately with more friends comes communication programs and the size the project leads Mr Games Developer to not possibly test everything on his own. So this leads to the world of beta testers; but don't be fooled Jimmy, this is a dark underbelly world fully of gamers who don't actually want to help find bugs but just want to play a game before release then complain about it to every other Nerd who will listen always comparing it to games that have taken years to get where they are now; but looking at release through rosey-coloured glasses because nostalgia for something apparently makes people idiots and oblivious... or it could be subliminal messages in the games themselves. Either way it is still just a lie.

So Jimmy have you learnt why developers release patches and why modern computer games are often released as ridiculously buggy and easily exploited on multiplayer causing a disappointing end-game experience on the whole now?

Ok, next week guys we'll cover why Trash Talking on Xbox Live is "da shizznizel ***" but ultimately creating a society of kids you just wanna reach through your TV and slap like their parents should've by letting them play a mature game online.

Until next time kids, and remember Jimmy class action suits are to protect people; and not as your lawyer jas said just for making a quick buck.