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02-07-2010, 05:38 AM
Lobbies before a match is a necessity for PvP only games.

For a MMO with PvE...I guess people would not like to waste time, waiting up to 20 minutes doing nothing.
But waiting so much, people are doing mission meanwhile and, when asked to join the PvP session, they refuse to finish their mission.
And it is not smart to tell players who have accepted to join the pvp game that they will be reverted back to PvE cos' a couple of players refused to join them.

What solutions do we have then ?
- Waiting lobbies as sugested Rastlaff,
- NPC or NPS (ships) to fill up the team with lacking players
- Force a player to be part of the pvp he/she subscribed to at the end of countdown

Any other reasonable ideas ?