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# 1 2 for a casual fleet (US/EST)
02-07-2010, 05:38 AM
Hiyo, two grizzled MMO veterans looking for a close-knit casual fleet. We're new to STO, but we've been around the MMO block and are getting the hang pretty quick. We're good players, but don't really have time to be elitist jerks in this game.

Something small and friendly is what we want - people to do things with peacefully, but not obligations or whatever crazy expectations can be set. We also want to play with a mature group (not meme-spouting juvenile delinquents) who are respectful of others.

We play EST in the evenings. Our characters are Tac and Sci, but we're still feeling out the game. If you're interested in us, please pm me.

P.S. We also rent a (currently) 15-slot vent server to use with friends. If we're interested in your fleet and you need a voice chat server, we might be able to provide it for you.