Thread: STO: MMO or Not
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02-07-2010, 06:39 AM
Well as so many others have said already, this aint a mmo at all, as previously mentioned, it's a solo/co-op game with a subscription fee -.-

i've played WoW, FFXI, SWG, EQ, EQ2, EvE, etc etc for a good 8-10 years,

"To boldly go where no one has gone before.." well all the places i've gone to has
A) 50 ppl already there
B) NO NPC life whatsoever, just hostile encounters, no cities, no animal life nothing
C) and wtf, flying around the solar systems build like a lobby? wth...

As so many others have said, once the 30 day trial is up, 60% is leaving if not more O.o
Cryptic was forced by atari to launch the game what in my opinion was a year if not 2 too soon.

We cant expect to have it all, when the game developers u cry to was forced to release it , considering atari nearly is broke...

HOPEFULLY atari will listen to us, its them u need to complain to, not cryptic, cause i got a feeling that even those guys there, are as disapointed as we are by STO.

they said that the 45-day patch will include alot of stuff, end-game, exploring etc, so lets wait and see,
in all due respect , wow and ffxi both started out with lacking content, so for now, make the most of what u have, get to admiral, or w/e floats ur boat, THEN start *****ing after the release of the 45 day patch if it aint worth it