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02-07-2010, 06:46 AM
tough question since I have favorite episodes from each show..

however based on cast, story and several other factors.

8. TNG:movies - I liked 2 of them but the rest were Awful

7. TAS - two really good episodes the rest where too childish

6. ENT - if it wasn't for seasons 1 and 2 and the theme music the show could have good

5. VOY - had some really good episodes with the rest being incredibly boring

4. TNG - if the episode centered around picard, data, worf or Jordi it was good, if Riker or troy where the focus forget it.

3. TOS:Movies - 4 out of 6 where great, of the remaining two one was ok and the other should be forgotten.

2: DS9 - Drama, Action, humor all in perfect balance, only about 6 bad episode

1: TOS - how can anyone not agree, the show was campy, it was drama, it was funny, it was sexist while promoting equality. nothing better. (ps. Klingons where communist cubans, and romulans where sexy vulcans, and andorians where the bad asp warrior people)