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02-07-2010, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by MarzGurl View Post
I must admit, I was a little surprised to see that it appears there's only a single server. (Server Status: Up/Down) I just thought, "Really? No way, an MMO can't run off a single server..."

But then I got into yesterday's queue of, like, 1,100. And I thought, "Wow... they MUST only have one server." And this morning's maintenence causing worldwide chaos during peak hours in other countries just confirmed that.

All MMOs kinda start off this way, with problems like this. I remember frequently having to wait in a queue to play World of ******** a couple years ago. That doesn't happen anymore.

Star Trek is a popular franchise. I'm a little surprised there weren't more servers to begin with. But I think that even the developers would recognize by now that they can't continue to function on a single server. I'm sure there will be additions and this will be a thing of the past shortly.

...I hope.

BTW, I must admit, would a thread like this really belong here?
You'd be surprised. I have played mmo's with 1 servers before. The thing is it requires a shat ton of power. Power cost money. So if this game keep becomming as awsome as it is I am sure Cryptic can pull it off. However If for whatever reason Cryptic pulls an NC Soft and Blams the playerbase for explots or start nerfing everything to kingdom come, well They may lose players. (will)

However I don't think they will. Cryptic is smart that way. I know they have made 2 games and yes Champions was the same as STO when it came out with all it's patches but it pulled throu. My only grudge was the block in that game.

This game is gonna have it's good and bad times. But if Cryptic has learned anything from it's competitors like WoW or City then it knows the best way to get a game good rating is to keep expanding.

Server downtime is a bleeping shame but I have complete confidence that this game if done right will manage to draw alot more players in time.

1 Server is no problem like I said before. However what I just finished saying bout the ratings and some tips for what Cryptic needs/is doing to improve the game will determin if the amount of server capacity to date was worth getting.

Before I begin writing a novel here bout how awsome Cryptic is I will put my last bit of gratz to Cryptic. Games awsome, Content was done well both graphics, Gameplay, and storyline.

Keep it up.