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I just realized this after attempting to login this morning and finding the ubiquitous and rather obtuse "You are not allowed to login to the server at this time." message. I beat Captain Kirk's long standing record!

No, not "youngest captain in the fleet." That would be James T. Kirk's record. I'm far too old, far too fat and far too bald to beat Jim Kirk (old or new version) at anything, much less the title of youngest captain in the fleet. Plus I won't be wearing a rug in my old age. I'm referring to George Kirk's record of shortest time spent in command of his starship. Last thing I did last night before signing off was get promoted and accepting my new command. My first and final act was to promote some good bridge officers, who have no doubt suffered a horriblly painful, maybe rather slow death in cyberspace since. After that, I logged off. And so, my career has come to a sudden end (hopefully just temporarily) with me being in command for far less than the eight minutes, which onscreen were more like 15 (don't know exactly, don't actually care).

I even went one better than good ol' George. There were no survivors in my case.

And can someone explain to me how the USS Kelvin, presumably a smaller ship than the more modern USS Enterprise, had a crew complement of over 800 people while the larger Constitution Class Enterprise only had 450?

Farewell, USS Concordia (NX-95702)! I barely knew ye.