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02-07-2010, 09:20 AM
Sorry to hear that but honestly. When she said she wanted to do something with her life that should have clicked in your mind as well. To be honest any woman who wants a long lasting fruitful mature relationship will also look at the man and see where he is goign in life and what he is doing to make a better life. So get out of your basement and go live. Do something worthwhile feel proud about your own accomplishments and success. The confidence comes with that and without even realizing you'll have a new girl whos happy to be with you whatever she may or may not be doing. Why because you have confidence in yourself. you have pride and you are self sufficient.

A good woman won't want to be your Mother. And just a general overview of you with what you have said and explained and honestly not trying to diss you but I'm thinking your ex there prob felt she was Mothering you and trying to take care of you because you are having difficulties doing it yourself. Being a hermit wont get you anywhere but further in the pit of despair and sorrow. Live a little and stop wasting your life. You will regret it later in life if you don't do something and get out there and live. Think about it this way... do you want to have stories to tell your future children and grandchildren about your adventures in life or do you just want to be non existent?

It's about leaving your mark on the world leaving a legacy and the memories of your lineage. That is what life is about. Do it up right.