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The "Dark Careless Bears" Klingon PvP Fleet

About Us: We, here at Dark Careless Bears, are a PvP oriented established fleet of members +18 of age. Our "Founding Team" has had experience in Closed/Open Beta and have been determining the best ways of combat. The goal is simple. To have fun within STO and to cause havoc. Although, our main focus will be PvP combat and other end game content that comes available to us in the future. If you would like to join us, please refer to the application instruction below.

Our Goal: To have quality over quantity, to build elite PvP, coordinating squads and overall, enjoy the game.

To Join Requirements:

-Microphone required
-Able to focus and listen to command during fleet operations
-Pass Two Week Recruitment Tryout Stage - All our members will have a final say on if you stay or go. We take pride in our members sharing the acceptance of a New Member.
-PVP Oriented as we are Primarily a PVP fleet

****After you are accepted as a full member Requirments....
-Be willing to have a Bridge Officer with a REQUIRED Skill which will be known upon being accepted as a member.****

-Provide login screenshot of characters indicating Klingon and Federation characters and Names before being fully accepted after the two week trial.


-To be considered to be a recruit, please check out our application section on our forums at The questions will be posted privately on our forums to initiate a 3 day vote on whether to let you tryout or not. You will receive a notification once the vote starts/ends and if accepted further instructions on how to access the forums and the guidelines that we follow, do not worry there is not to many rules 18+ if you get my drift. If we have an abundance of New Recruits exceeding our recruit limit, than your application will be held for 30 days.

Real Life Name?
Real Life Job?
Game Name's (Klingon and Federation)?
Location (By Time Zone)?
How many hours will you be playing per week?
Did you play in Beta?
Captain's Career Path?
Main Ship and build goal?
Past MMO experience?
PVP Experiance(MMO or FPS):
Any special skills such as artwork, HTTP experience, ect?
What is the important thing is about team work and play?
What is your stance on team loot?
What can you contribute to our fleet?
What can we contribute to you?