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02-07-2010, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by Zalerra
Those were PLASMA grenades, not Photons.

And the Fire Extinguisher only works agaisnt normal fire.
Plasma Fire is unaffected by it.

So, basically: No, you cannot put Plasma Fires out (not the one on the ground, a burning character can be healed by one of the engineering or science skills). Just wait for them to go away (they do after less then 30 seconds).

And they usually do so little damage (usuall less than 10 per second) that your science Officers should easily be able to heal the damage faster than it comes in.
That explains the color and also that it is difficult to put out, that it is a plasma fire. I thought I had seen a Klingon say "out with the photon grenade" just before the fire started, but perhaps he did say "plasma".

Thanks, so I was not the one putting the fires out, they were just burning themselves out.