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# 1 Looking for a RP pvp fleet
02-07-2010, 11:44 AM
I am an active gamer looking for a mature rp/pvp fleet. if I cant find one ill make my own any one who wishes to help me fordge a new rp/pvp klingon fleet please say so ehre or post your fleets info here to help me find my new home.

Rp bio:

Name: Killoth Vroc'Desh
Race: Kro'Vesh ((custome made Alien))
Age: 22 Kro'Vesh years ((59 human years)) ((22irl))
Gender: Male
Hight: 7"
Waight: 500bls
Personal history: After the devastating Borg Attack on the Kro'Vesh home world of Doshina. Killoth was the soul surviver left in a cryo stasis pod. After six years of cry sleep he was found by Klingon warriors looking to turn this dead world into a military outpost to build a fleet of war ships.The klingons awoke Killoth to a violent end. after he beat the klingons in the room he ran out side to see his wastland of a home world.seeing no other place to go he gave himself to the Kingons as a warrior. after a few years of working under the comand of a Captain named Taknobak. Killoth was permoted to Captain of his own ship. a small bird of pray he named the Vroc'Desh meaning Dieing Star. Killoth also took this title being that he is the last of his kind.