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02-07-2010, 11:46 AM
Well, if the dilemma now is choosing between a cruiser and a science vessel, I'd vote science vessel.

I command an escort on my main, but I have to say, I absolutely can't stand cruisers. They're slow, plodding, and can't begin to match the firepower of an escort... and in my experience, they're not THAT much more resilient than an escort or a science vessel.

Higher tier science vessels have similar turn rates to escorts, making them much more maneuverable than clunky cruisers, and they're second to none in their ability to buff and debuff, meaning you can get the same firepower out of them with the right combination of buffs (and debuffs) as you can from an escort.

As for the RP angle, I'd say a science ship makes more sense for a mobile technology lab. Put it this way. Cruisers are used as ships-of-the-line and long-range exploration vessels, because they're resilient and self-sufficient. Escorts are used as fast attack and close fire support vessels, because while they're not designed for deep space missions, they're powerful, fast, and hard to defend against. Science ships are used as fleet support, hospital, and research vessels (and in some cases for long-range exploration) because they're just as self-sufficient as cruisers, but actually have the facilities for medical and scientific missions. Of those three, which sounds like the easiest to reconcile as a technology lab? Science vessel, hands down.

So while I don't think your choice of engineering officer is the best, I do still think you should go for a science vessel instead of a cruiser, for both RP and practical purposes.