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02-07-2010, 01:42 PM
Ok ide like to confirm that a few days ago my ATI 5750 worked smooth with STO i logged ontoday and for some reason i am having the same/simular issues, choppy horizontal lines through everything, around charecters, all over the enviroment, if this is a card issue, then why has it only just started to do this, and if its a STO issue, then doh >.> its impossible to play ive been on for 5 mins and the choppy lines are giving me the worst head ach.

EDIT: Just to make sure it wasnt a bug with the card and it needed patching or what not, i just loaded up a few other games and my card works fine with every other game, old games and next genl

This is indeed some issue with ether a recent patch or something they changed conflicting with ATI cards.
The main reason im not too happy about this is that the games out of beta so what ever issues happen with the game are coming out of our pockets, we are now paying monthly so these kinda issues should be jumped on in the shortest amount of time - with the slight chance there still might be a way this isnt STO related then i apologise for my some what finger pointing, but ruleing out the fact the card runs fine and has been running fine since purchas and has only just been playing up with STO its not looking good Jim.