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# 1 How to PvP NICELY
02-07-2010, 01:51 PM
Through my PvP experiences in this game so far, one thing has become very clear:

The Trekkies are terrible PvPers.

I'm not saying they're bad players, or lack skills... but on both sides, Klingon and Federation, I see player after player have a complete fit if they are not winning in an instance. Its not entirely surprising considered we consist of a group of people nearly willing to come to blows over an Enterprise D vs Enterprise E debate.

However, as somebody who has played a lot of MMOs before... PvP is NOT always fair.

There will be occasions where you are outnumbered, outgunned, and completely outmatched. What should you do? Try your best and move on with your life. Don't whine, moan, complain, and then (for the Klingon players) stay cloaked and refuse to play.

Scenario: 5 Klingons (all BoPs) vs 3 Federation players (2 cruisers and a science ship). Feds are outnumbered, not a whole lot of winning chance. Not much they can do about it though. Klingon players attack with glee. 2 minutes later 2 more Federation cruisers join the battle, 3 of the Klingon players completely stop fighting, stay cloaked, and whine over the zone chat how the matchup is unfair and how "you just wait till we get T3!!!"

First of all, the Feds didn't choose to have 4 cruisers. Second of all, it was still 5v5 and the Klingons DID have a chance at winning if they played smart. Of course, the two players who actually did give it a valiant effort got screwed over by their own side and didn't have much of a chance. Finally, they'll never actually REACH T3 if they don't shut up and play.

Fed players can be just as bad with the whining, however they can't cloak and slow the gameplay to a crawl. They do, however, sometimes choose to not respawn.

Seriously, suck it up, coordinate with your team, and give it the best shot. The game becomes more fun, more challenging, and a lot faster pace.

And btw, Feds will still pwn you even at T3.