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02-07-2010, 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by spaz115 View Post
I too need a new comp for this game. Anyone have any recomendations? I was thinking about buying parts through Newegg, but I think I'd screw up somehow trying to put it together.
The best way I have discovered so far to get a new PC is to go via a company like Cyberpower.

It can be a long and intensive search to get what you want for the right price from reputable people, but when you do its usually much better both in terms of price convenience and quality than either store-bought or self-assembly.

I should know, I got a machine that would have been over 1,100 to self-assemble using Tiger Direct/Newegg parts for $600.
(Albiet, I had a code for free shipping and did purchase my peripherals at Tiger....)

It can take a long time to nail down the right vendor/configuration but if you take your time and do extensive research on the company and the machine you want put together you can save a bundle.

There is some risk involved though as always with ordering from an internet company so be advised of that too.

Most in-store machines today are either a rip-off or crap or both. (Mainly because they have motherboard based Graphics which aren't worth SQUAT)