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02-07-2010, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Losbullitt View Post
I buy Dell personally.

Your new spec looks good.
I never buy Dell for laptops, the main thing being that the laptop I lost was a Dell and part of the problem was weak saudering and shoddy manufacturing.

Sure part of it was my fault for giving it alot of heat, but after having it professionally diagnosed the report was that part of the problem was in manufacturing.

If you want to buy a good laptop thats a whole new world of eyepopping headaching issues. :p

(My bets are usually on Toshiba, a friend has one thats over 4 years old and still going (which is good for a laptop) and my new Toshiba laptop (yes I am a two computer guy. sue me) has functioned beautifully even though its a medium level machine)