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02-07-2010, 01:45 PM
so you wanna know which body I Got ? You haven't seen Me in My Triple Form yet,I Am not bound by the Laws of Midgard, because I Command at Asgard. I Am the High One, before another 1000 years shall have past, you gonna bow to Me as the Commander and King of the 7 Nation Army.

I Shall still Destroy 2 times this Creation, once to take Evil out of existance, and once to Destroy the Universe after the 750,000 years of Paradise, cause it is only the road to God given to us.

On Judgement Day, the Chrystal Ship will sail out. I'll be in flight again, and all past loves I Meet, I Pick up speed from thrill, until My true love launches Me into orbit to Destroy Evil.

After the 750,000 years of Paradise, pieces of planets and debri will start floating around. I Shall appear one last time at the Playcourt of the Aztec, to Play a ballgame, naked and alone, while My 7 Powers of Destruction mount, and I Destroy the Universe. Then there will be another Creation, but everything will happen thesame...