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02-07-2010, 02:47 PM
I need an opinion/consensus:

Up front:
  1. I have Repetitive Stress Injury, in which my wrists swell and I get sever pain after doing repetitive motions with my hand,s specifically, repetitive keyboard and mouse actions.

  2. No matter how I remap the keys, I am in pain after an hour of space combat using the kbd-mouse interface of this game as it stands.

  3. I have a good Thrustmaster USB T.Flightstick X (It works on the PC and the PS3) but for the life of me I cannot make it work well with this game.

  4. I am getting pain mainly after/during space combat. That's the only time I seem to need the Vulcan Finger Contortion Death Grip on my keyboard and mouse (and my poor space bar is getting beaten to death).

  5. I do not own an XBox 360.

Is it worth it to go out and buy a 360 controller for this? Basically, can I do most of my space combat functions using binds, remaps and the 360 controller?

The main thing I want is to be able to take care of flying the ship and firing the weapons on the controller.

The "nice to haves" would be able to assign camera look (like my joystick's POV hat), and individual weapons groups per trigger (beams, torps), as well as get tab targeting on a trigger, +/- the throttle, and the ability to reinforce at least Fwd and Aft shields, as well as buttons to for 2 or 3 of mine/my BO's abilities.

Important: Is there anything important missing from a 360-based controller system other than typing in chat or some less commonly used things in space?