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02-07-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by Nightsgale View Post
Technically, Cryptic can't really do anything to these users due to this law. Unless they can somehow link their actions to directly breaking their Terms of Service and/or the Terms of Use. Regardless of whether these spammers actions appear to be lawful according to that stupid law, the game's Terms of Service is set by Cryptic, and as the old phrase for any place of business I've ever stepped into; "We have the right to refuse service to anyone." There's got to be some kind of wording in the rules to allow Cryptic to crack down hard on these users taking up server space and annoying everyone else with their unwanted spam.
I have no idea what law you're talking about, but Cryptic already denied this in the Terms of Use:

9. Ownership/Selling of the Account or Virtual Items. Cryptic does not recognize the transfer of Accounts. you may not purchase, sell, gift or trade and Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, and any such attempt shall be null and void. Cryptic owns, has licensed, or otherwise has rights to all of the content that appears in the Game. You agree that you have no right or title in or to any such content, including the virtual goods or currency appearing or originating in the ame, Cryptic Points, or any other attributes associated with the Account or stored on the Service ("Game Assets"). Cryptic does not recognize any Game Assets transfers executed outside of the Game or the purported sale, gift or trade in the "real world" of anything related to the Game. Accordingly, you may not sell Game Assets for "real" money or otherwise exchange items for value outside of the Game. Any such sale or exchange is a material breach of this Agreement for which Cryptic may (but is not obligated to) immediately suspend or terminate your account.

Simple heuristics could cut back the majority of the spam. A blacklist alone would be a great aid. Reported spam messages (both mail and chat) can be compared to find similarities with statistically improbable recursion - this could be used to automatically improve the blacklist and flag accounts/IP addresses for review (and then banning). The real trick to getting rid of them entirely is to make it more expensive for the spammers to operate (most operate where legal repercussions are virtually impossible), which means staying ahead of them with regards to account creation, proxy use, etc. Rapid response with an iron fist is the only effective solution.