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02-07-2010, 04:58 PM
I agree. 2v7 (for either side) is beyond ridiculous. This leads to griefing and people just dropping because once you get in to the higher tiers, YOU NEED THE FULL TEAM (even PUGS). Anything less, even a minute or two missed into the match and you might as well hide because the chance of coming back is nil. It is called defeat in detail. As suggested by Sling, a staging area where the max instance allowed is filled. Until BOTH sides are filled, no one leaves the staging area. As it stands, the matches are becoming a joke and a waste of time, unfortunately it is the prime method that Klinks have to progress.

Judging by the smack talk in zone though (both sides), having overwhelming numbers is well thought of as long as you are on the side with the numbers.