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# 1 Feedback on Space Combat
02-07-2010, 06:14 PM
Space combat is probably the most enjoyable part of this game. There are a few things about it that bug me though and frankly disappoint (especially since I used to be a big fan of Starfleet Battles and Starfleet Command).

Crew members listed as "dead" magically return back to life? Losing your crew is a huge deal, it should affect the effectiveness of all your ships systems. So it doesn't make sense to me that while I have only a handful of crew members left my ship's systems perform at 100% efficiency. (Yes I know my hull repairs faster, but that's another point, next).

EVE I think did an outstanding job with the whole "shields, armor, hull/sub-systems" damage. You can repair shields rather quickly (since they're just energy they slowly restore themselves), armor cannot be fixed except in space dock (or if you have special repair systems) and the same with subsystems. I gather STO is trying to be a more "casual game" but watching my hull go from a spark fest to pristine shiny smooth metal in just a few seconds isn't very realistic. It would of been more interesting to have people visit the roaming freighters to to effect repairs immediately or allow your hull and subsystems to slowly repair while you're in sector space. Having it repair while in normal space as fast as it does in the middle of combat is simply silly.

Also I would expect a ship who has either little crew or little hull left to have reduced abilities. Yet oddly weapons still fire at full strength, no sub-systems are ever lost for more than a few seconds. Have you guys ever watched StarTrek?! Many battles end with both ships nearly disabled and only a cleverly placed photon torpedo, tractor beam or declaration of "ramming speed" wins the day. Instead what we are left with is a weak and simplistic "pew pew" fest with some positioning tactics and skills but little else. It makes takes the tactical out of tactical space combat. This isn't StarWars...