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02-07-2010, 05:34 PM
They're missing this market then imho. Playing SFC I'm expecting something to go wrong when my ship is badly damaged. I'm not saying everything has to stop working but you should suffer one random system loss of some type at 50% hull damage, and maybe another at 75%.

It's their game though ... if they want to make it uninteresting to play that's their choice. At some point it's going to just get boring and I'll be back in EVE or playing something with a little more tactics.

Originally Posted by theCorvus
Crew/death penalty isn't working correctly yet.

There is never going to be performance degradation because Cryptic decided that failure cascades aren't fun (which is true, MMO's have them but players generally refuse to play while affected by them). Strangely enough they still believe stuns are fun.