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02-07-2010, 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by Mojokujo
In war one side will win.

Some wars are well fought by both sides... Many times it's a masacre.
All is fair - each side may exploit a weakness.

WTF are people expecting? To win against the Klingon faction everytime they fight?
WTF are people expecting? That viral matrix be taken out of the game because they are to stupid/stuborn/lazy to carry it's counter?
Seriously - we have ALL seen great victory and loss. I have done pvp the entire time I have played this game. 50% pugs 50% teams and ventrillo. From T2 on you are going to win and loose in a given 48 hour period almost equally.

So ask yourself... Is it just not fun at all? Are you a sore looser? What can you change about how you play the game to counter the other teams strategies? Both sides have access to the same skills. One side might have battle cloak while the other side has a use for the counter cloak ability.

So many people act spoiled in this game... It is super fun for most. If you can't handle defeat the play pve because pvp is not meant to feed one sides ego. Yes, minor tweaks to this games mechanic are needed. But having to make it "simple" for a small group of complainers is not proactive to making a good game.

So name a skill or tactic that can't be beat! I'm sure that 95% of the time there is a counter that leads to victory.
why so rage? why so bad? these are but a few questions I would like to ask you at this time.