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02-07-2010, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by Aior
While I agree with your first part the last parts I disagree with.

The game like all games has truely over powered things in it. In T5 this still holds true because of the lack of testing. Its not as simple as saying "use tactics and work together."

To the OP, you probably need to get out of T1. Things get a bit more balanced gear wise later. There are other issues. And the more you play the more you will learn.
I'm not touching untested content, lol. We knew carriers were brokesauce in beta.

I remember pointing this out in beta and saying that if we were going to have a carrier at t5 there needed to be carriers at every tier so we could work out the gameplay issues, and everyone was like "lol a carrier at t2 wud be so op lawl"

Ok, so if it's op at level t2 it's... ok at t5? Explain how the concept works one place but not another?

I hate it when games introduce completely mechanic changing things late in the game. They are ALWAYS a disaster.