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02-07-2010, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
I'm not touching untested content, lol. We knew carriers were brokesauce in beta.

I remember pointing this out in beta and saying that if we were going to have a carrier at t5 there needed to be carriers at every tier so we could work out the gameplay issues, and everyone was like "lol a carrier at t2 wud be so op lawl"

Ok, so if it's op at level t2 it's... ok at t5? Explain how the concept works one place but not another?

I hate it when games introduce completely mechanic changing things late in the game. They are ALWAYS a disaster.
Well most games are initially balanced towards the end game. It is usually the best bet because most people 1 month from now could give a rats behind about the fights in T1/T2.

No carrier in T2 was probably because it just was not ready, and this gave them more time.

But ya it was thrown in there with little testing, and we have to sort out the BS from the actual good ideas for balancing the two sides. Which is a headache on its own