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02-07-2010, 10:32 PM

But really, Extend Shields and other shield repairs, like Science Team and Transfer Shields, should count for healing done so people can get a real handle on what it's doing. ES certainly is incredibly powerful, but saying it doesn't have downsides is improper. It highlights supporters who can be focused with shield system disables (we call this and do this in games, it's not a theoretical "well you could possibly" thing.). It also has a short range, if you go beyond 5km you will break the connection. Skills that can push players only require you to get between the healer and the supportee. Skills that induce CD's or lack of control, notably SNB and VM, will break the connection. Also, as a side effect but more impacting on logistics, it keeps you in combat for the duration of the skill. This is highlighted when you win an engagement, since anyone healing/being healed cannot join the group for a full impulse travel. You end up with stragglers, which means people engaging the opponents will have much less of an advantage.

I haven't used Rapid Fire in awhile, but I can attest to its cousin, Beam Overload, which is vastly underpowered compared to it. I heard they were buffing Overload, thankfully. I think the safest change would be to remove abilities from proccing off turrets. This would demarcate beams to semi-burst and utility, and cannons to superior damage. At the moment you can fit all cannons, turrets and torpedoes and still be able to use all the beam utility skills because of turrets. Not having rapid fire on a 360' platform would help the problem a little. Not a ton, but a bit.