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# 1 Hide and Seek is Broken
02-07-2010, 09:37 PM
I've been trying to do the hide and seek mission for over an hour and a half now and it's impossible. I went to the right system and shot some bad guys, then ran into a ship that needs dilythium crystals, so I have to gather 4 crystals from this nebula. The problem is there is an fleet of ships I can't take on by myself guarding the last crystal. I try to run in and snatch the crystals and run out but when I get close enough the "beam crystals aboard" button does not work. Getting blown up over and over and then going through a nebula at a snails pace over and over again looking for something that I can't even recognize on sight is no fun.

I'm level 4 and this is a level 3 mission. Yeah, maybe I outfit my ship wrong or did my skills wrong, but you can hardly blame me for that if that's the problem. I have no idea how skills or equipment effects combat actions because nobody took 2 minutes to write it down for us. I'm just throwing points around blindly. Bad documentation or no documentation breaks a game just as surely as a downed server.