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Sometimes I really sit back and wonder, "Did the devs just sit and code and code and code and never stop to look at what they were doing?"

I asked this again when I hit Captain (thank you, thank you) and my Commander, and three LTs were pushing OFF OF THE SCREEN.

I'm sure most of you have seen this by now and, really, it's ANNOYING.

If I want to fit my bridge officers on, and still use their pictures (like I am used to doing by now) I either:

1) Shrink my UI scale down - that makes the text and pictures look sorta funky.
2) Move the dual-bar down and the officer bar on top of it (currently it's reversed).

Why wouldn't my Commander's abilities form a SQUARE 2x2 rather than 4x1?

I tried to edit my UI and remove the box with all the weapons my ship has on it and the three firing modes "Fire all torps, Fire all weapons, etc" - that one? Yea, no can do. You can't remove a box from the UI, you're STUCK.

So I either do 1 or 2, or 3, I can choose option 3 and turn it into a tool bar like WoW. I'd have done this from the beginning if I knew this was going to be a problem. Now I'm used to the BO pictures and such.

I wanted to ask fellow PVPers:

What do most of you use? PVP is hectic and having to relearn a toolbar all over again (and sometimes with BOs having more than one type of thing "High Yield I and III" etc, it can get confusing.