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02-07-2010, 09:59 PM
Like I said before I would be happy with a nerf on enemy, BO and player HP. It would solve two problems that people seem to keep bringing up. First, it would make killing basic mobs a lot faster and easier, thereby making combat less of a chore. Secondly, it would actually put some urgency and challenge for staying alive, and actually make so many useless powers like shield and HP buffs and the engineers fabricated equipment worth using.

I'd like to see far fewer mobs in ground missions as well. Two reasons. First, it's just a chore to chug through dozens upon dozens of enemies. Second, it doesn't fit in the Trek universe. While of course combat is expected, this being war and all, you never saw any bridge crew going all Rambo through swaths of enemies.

There should be separate skill points for ground abilities, earned only when fighting on the ground. Having to choose between space and ground skills is kind of ridiculous, as right now there's a far greater emphasis on space combat you'd either be ignoring ground skills or gimping your space combat ability depending on where you spend points. Call it AP or something.

It may be true that setting up expose/exploit combos makes combat a little faster, but you're still relying on the AI to use it right, the procs to actually go off, and it's still a gimmick that doesn't do anything to improve the many underlying issues with ground combat in this game.

It's pretty obvious that all of the work went into space combat. Not that I'm complaining. It was probably the most important thing to get right in time for launch. Now it's time to work on ground combat.