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02-07-2010, 10:02 PM
I think there are 2 real problems here:

* Your ship has no strength of its own -- all strength comes from allies.
* Increases in weapon damage via skilling up outpaces increases in self-survival via shield and hull upgrades.

Rapid Fire doesn't cause these problems, but it does make them more obvious. In the end it feels like we're flying paper mache cannons instead of starships. We're deadly damage dealers who can't take a hit -- at least not without tons of support from our allies.

I kind of miss Pirates of the Burning Sea, really. In that game, every ship was a fortress that could stand on its own. There were strong hulls, weak guns and mediocre self-heals on long timers. There were group buffs but no quick reaction allied heals like in this game. When I heard STO was going to have "tall ship combat" I thought it would be more like POTBS. Instead it's a lot closer to being a fast paced arcade game.

I'd really love to see them nerf all damage and all healing and see how the game plays out then. It might be nice to have more time for strategy and tactics.