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02-07-2010, 10:51 PM
All the balances and pace of combat the devs said they wanted fell through. The whole "thinker's", calculated combat is a farce.

I bet the only reason they could have thought they were going to pull it off was because they only using Fed ships.

Think about it, of course two circle-jerking, Fed turtles would feel "paced" and thoughtful. As I stated in my thread in the Combat Forum, the skills and benefits of rank go too far. A Lt Com 2 might as well be in a tin can againts a Lt Com 9.

Everything through out progression is too "big" and grand. Skills, gear and rank bonuses stack to well, stack too high. Victory in a battle between level 1 and level 10 of the same rank should be player choices...not gear. The disparity between level 1 and 10 shouldnt be so much that you neede to avoid players who are +3 or +5...engaging a -3 shouldnt be a cake walk...-8s shouldnt be speed bumps.