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02-08-2010, 02:24 AM
I think Star Trek Bridge Commander had the right amount of Space-Sim/Space-Fighting, you can target their subsystems i.e. warp core, aft weapons, sensors or even blow a torpeado at the warp necell and watch it drift off into space and go BOOM... this is what they need to bring into the game!

Also they could bring back the Dorsal & Ventrual shileds, 6 shields are better then 4 atleast you know what and where they are hitting you!

And they should make weapons more customal, where you can legaly place a phaser strip, most star ships either have 2 long/curved ones on the suacer section which could do more damage OR some ships have 4 smaller ones which recharge quicker but less powerful... depending on which one you chose like 2 Long ones you can have MK5 or above where the small ones can only go upto MK4, this is an example btw... also place disrupter cannons where you like.