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02-08-2010, 04:15 AM
Uneducated people bother me. I can't tell you why, maybe its because I'm a horrible snob. But in this country there is a growing tendency among young people to wear stupidity and ignorance like a badge of honour. Somehow it has become "cool" to be a complete half-wit.

While grammar and spelling are personal bug-bears of mine I am fully aware that mine is seldom perfect. One of the quirks of pedantry is that it often goes hand-in-hand with hypocrisy. Such is my lot. I would point out that in my case I do not consider it to be entirely voluntary. It borders on an obsessive condition so I apologise in advance.

What troubles me about internet language is that young peolple especially are going through life under the assumption that "if they understand you its good enough". Now more and more college courses are forgoing the marking of assignments for spelling and grammar to a large degree, and the overal standards for the use of our language is slipping irreperably towards a language I like to call "Dribblegruntish", wherein speakers gesticulate wildly whilst moaning, grunting, dribbling and making obscene noises, all the while sounding like they have lost control of their facial muscles. Perhaps if more internet forums and games paid closer attention to things such as punctuation and grammar it would set a better example for these young people.

But truthfully I have to accept that the way we did things when I was at school is not necessarily the correct way now. Its hard enough keeping these young people in education, without forcing them to endure lessons that many of them are simply not intelligent enough to understand. We have been blessed, in my oppinion, with a relatively mature and well educated community here. Perhaps it is a little arrogant and indeed rude of us to constantly point out to some of our members that we are both better educated and more intelligent than they are?

And apart from all of that, a person's upbringing and education background seem to count for very little these days. Time was that if someone were told that I was studying for my second degree they would be impressed. I value education above all else. I strive constantly to know more, to understand more. But I feel I may well be in the minority. This to me is very sad, but again, it doesnt make me right.

Finally, I would like to point out that it is our right as forum subscribers to correct other peoples' posts at will. As long as we are not being offensive and stay on topic we are quite within our rights to carry on pointing out to people where they have made mistakes.