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02-08-2010, 04:09 AM
What the Frak? My dumb cat peed on the floor in front of my mom a couple days ago. We assumed it was because the litter box was dirty, so we cleaned it out. She then peed on a towel in front of my dad. We assumed it was because she was unaware of the new cleanliness of the litter box, so we rubbed her paws in the litter (like you do with a kitten). Just now, she peed on the front carpet in front of my little brother. Obviously, she's a little bit out of excuses.

My mom's been talking about getting rid of one of the cats lately (she thinks we have too many), and this behavior really isn't helping my cat's chances. Are there any cat people out there who can tell me why she's suddenly doing this and how to get her to stop?