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# 1 Farming and a solution
02-08-2010, 04:35 AM
Over the weekend I entered SB24 in my Miranda to get some kills and try and get some blues (in beta I was in the top 3 pretty much every time)

when lo and behold

A captain entered in his uber ship and began 1 shotting the enemies, its not too hard to guess who came number 1

Then I found out that Higher level toons are often entering the lower level fleet action merely to farm the instance for skill points for bridge officers or themselves.

It was then that I hit on a solution.

If you are +5 levels above your target you will not gain skills for the kills. you should never be more than 5 levels from each 'farmable' action.
obviously the best way would be to make each fleet action accessible only by a certain rank, thus keeping the difficulty level up.

also a solution to stop people DSE farming XP would be to make it that if you try to instance hop, a new instance opens for you rather than you being able to select an instance.

So I finish my instance, timer is at 5mins, i change instance a new instance opens for me with a 1 min timer to begin, for that 1 min, every other person instance hopping will enter my instance (to max of 5) then the moment it hits 5 the instance action will begin.

For teams , they would have the isntance to themselves, thus allowing a team of 5 to complete the DSE encounters together.