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02-08-2010, 06:05 AM
Originally Posted by hine62 View Post
Everyday I've played STO I've had 3-4 STO gold spam mails. I'm getting tired of deleting them. Is it about time cryptic goes after these websites?

Does anyone else have this problem?
We all got that problem, but the issue is that these people operate from China and Korea mainly, and it is not easy to go after them there. And to remove the issue with account screening, in game screening etc, would restrict the game so much i think it would make it a lot worse to play.

Its a age old problem that all MMO's have, and i think the person that comes up with a system that can remove them without impacting the player would become a really rich person.

I hope there is something they can do, but short of removing the exchange, never allow mail with items or energy credits, no trading between players and no chat, there is little else that can be done.

I am not knocking you here, just trying to answer the question.