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02-08-2010, 06:19 AM
With all the instances avalible, why are you so upset about guys farming stuff for their officers or to make a few creds.

Why is it that if they dont grind out xp they way you think they should, then the system should be changed?

Game styles are diff across the board, you cant dictate to someone how they can play, why would you want the devs to do it?

Seriously, when you can change instance easily it gives you the freedom to play your way, if you need stuff, you can go get it, if you want to grind up faster for more fire power to do your quests with , why should you be limited?

To date I havent seen any one person run instance after instance, I know I drop thru all the defend and deep space stuff so I can farm a bit, and make a lil xp, but thats how you do it in any mmo