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Originally Posted by Acyl View Post
I should point out that it is entirely possible you're running close to the end of stuff to do from the contacts in Earth Spacedock.

Akira Sulu's patrol and defend missions end once you reach the Pi Canis sector block.

Admiral Quinn's storyline missions pretty much end with The Doomsday Device.

If you've already reached that point, talk to Quinn again. He should give you a mission to pick up an NPC at Starbase 114 in the Celes system...after which you'll head to Starbase 39 in the Sierra system, Alpha Centauri sector block.

(I mention the system locations because the game isn't that clear on where you need to go - Starbase 114 in particular is hard to find.)

Starbase 39 Sierra is an entirely new quest node. The stuff there is for around...I think LtC 6+, level-wise.
Good call, I should have spotted that. +10 interweb points