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02-08-2010, 05:25 AM
Originally Posted by distantlurker View Post
if you replace a skill you lose the points you've placed in it. It's not a major problem though as you get buckets of Boff points as you go through the game.

Uncommon and rare officers have dice roll chances at various improvements like better or special racial traits, rare skills or higher power skills at lower ranks (these are my favourites, I rip 'em out and train 'em into my existing guys).
Is the only time you can do that when you initially go to assignments tab and double click on them? I remember the last time, I didn't pay much attention but the option was Join or Assign. If you assigned them to the crew is there anyway to train that skill to one of your other boffs later?

I guess I need to learn a lot more about my boffs before I spend many more points, there may be plenty of sp to gain but I don't want to hinder my leveling too bad by having their skills to far behind because I've reset too many skills.