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02-08-2010, 05:37 AM
I don't have an issue with this in general, but one person earlier tonight was using this in a combination that was a boarderline exploit, as follows;

They made a Fed Klingon, gave them a name that made you think they were Klingon side, dressed their uniform in a way that minimized the ability to see that it wasn't a Klingon uniform, and ran around using a Bat'leth like they were a Klingon player.

IMO this clearly was an attempt to cheat their opponents into thinking they'd been hit by a ground equivalent of Scramble Sensors and thus not attack them thinkig they were friendlies who were simply conning incorrectly on the UI. (To make this even worse they wouldn't even fire on you with ranged weapons, they'd simply run up like they wereon your team, then start meleeing with a Bat'leth, leaving you to not know if you should kill them or wait for the cause of them going hostile to dissipate)

If Fed players are going to be able to dress themselves in such a manner, there needs to be a much clearer way to identify them as feds easily, espesially considering that from space combat you get used to the fact that the system con may be incorrect.