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# 1 Space Weapons and Modifiers
02-08-2010, 05:40 AM
Reserved For Futire ExpansionSo after poaring trough some combat logs I have the following:

NOTE: These are gathered using a Science Captain in a T3 Klingon Cruiser.

Base Accuracy: 0.0% modifier
The base captain accuracy modifier is 0%. There is a trait that increases this base stat to 10% (Accuracy increase of .1) It would be displayed in both the currently active ship status and the captain's status display)

Each weapon modifier affects the performance of that weapon only.

Accuracy Weapon Modifier:
This stat modifies the specific weapon's hit % by the amount stated. 0.1 or .1 equals 10% increase in hit %.
With no base accuracy modifiers the following hit% apply:

PVE Tier 3 Fighting Romulans in Azure Nebula:

Beam Banks:
Dual Disruptor Banks: 90% Hit Rate

Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons: 90% Hit Rate
Dual Heavy Plasma Cannons: 90% Hit Rate

Disruptor Turret: 80% Hit Rate

So far I've seen hit rates vary between 85% and 90% on all of the listed ones. Need more data on these

Photon Torpedo 85-90% Hit Rate
Quantum Torpedo 85-90% Hit Rate
Plasma Torpedo 85-90% Hit Rate

I have tons more logs to go trough this evening, but figured I'll toss this out see what stirs.
From current data Using the Green Disruptor Turret with .1 Accuracy modifier hit % went from 80% to 90% consistently. Other weapon's hit rates were not affected.

All of these % change dramatically when fighting "agile" class ships and ship's relative level.

note: Need to crosscheck with current entity buffs to account for the huge hit% range. It appears that the % drop is based on relative level of the ship. With Dreadnoughts present (4 players in team) the % hit rate drops significantly.

Against T'liss Fighters

Dual Disruptor Banks: 70% Hit Rate
Disruptor Banks: 45% Hit Rate

Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons: 30-70% Hit Rate
Dual Heavy Plasma Cannons: 30-80% Hit Rate

Disruptor Turret: 20-45% Hit Rate
Phaser Turret: 70% Hit Rate
Need more data on these Fighters die too quickly to beams and cannons, so not much torpedo data yet.

Photon Torpedo % Hit Rate
Quantum Torpedo % Hit Rate
Plasma Torpedo % Hit Rate