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02-08-2010, 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by Badem View Post
But for a new player in a Miranda those MKII Blues amke a huge difference to them, for a Captain farming Blues that sell for ooh 10k each?
1) You will be in a Miranda for around 10-15 hours. Once you rank up you will replace all those mk II blues with mk IV whites. The fleet action loot currently isn't worth it unless you top the list. And the people who are going to top the list are those closest to ranking, who don't need the gear and will therefore sell it.

2) 10k? I have white drops at Commander that sell for more than 10k to vendors. If you think 10k is anything but pocket change you haven't played enough. I think I have earned something close to 600k energy by Cmdr 3. I waste it by pimping out my ship with white straight away off the exchange instead of waiting for drops.

3) Anyone who actually buys energy is a drooling moron. 100k energy is worth about 10 Wow gold in terms of how long it takes to farm that much energy. I personally doubt the gold sellers are making money atm and are just speculating.