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02-08-2010, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by Badem View Post
But for a new player in a Miranda those MKII Blues amke a huge difference to them, for a Captain farming Blues that sell for ooh 10k each?

run an instance 10 times, take 50 mins =100K = 1 transaction for a goldseller

anyone seeing the light yet? or would you like me to turn it up a little brighter?

by making low level fleet actions accessible to Admirals and Captains who can out DPS every other low level player your giving the Gold Farmers their farms to obtain the credits they need.

sadly in any MMO these areas are great for real players, but are too often giving a goldmine for Farmers, thus to stamp out the RMT business you need to impose limits on higher level and lower level player interactions.
Your saying that the only reason to do it is to be a gold monger? A credit seller?

This creeps up in every game and the solution is simple, no large cred transactions between players.

But now to I have to ask YOU this question....Does this happen every day? Is their someone in there ALL the time just wreking the game for you?

Should people feel guilty trying to make their OWN creds with a system set up by the devs, so that they can get the stuff they want? Or this just an gripe fest cuz you didnt get a high score?

I ask because my son and I have been thru there on 4 diff chars, and I havent noticed this a problem to date