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hi folks,

i "screwed up" my first character because its an engineer and i picked the "astrophysicist" trait without knowing exactly what it does.
Now i figured that it would help my science Boff with his tachyon beam, but as i tend to put all energy into weapons and the rest into shield i do not have sufficient aux power left to feed any science Boff abilities effectively. When i use tachyon beam on an enemy i do not see any effect.(which is obvious since i do not give it enough aux power)
Now i have several things to consider:

1) Which science Boff ability will still be the most helpful under those circumstances? I think of trying the tractor beam ability to pull the loot towards my cruiser. Any suggestions?

2) I am picking "warp core theorist" as 1st trait as i assume it helps power levels of my ship. As ground combat is very easy i want to pick another space trait replacing the, in my case, rather ineffective "astrophysicist" trait.
Would you recommend "Accurate"? Does 10% more accuracy translate roughly into 10% more damage with moving enemies involved? I understand that when shooting static targets accuracy is negligible.

3) I am not sure what to skill up until i reach Lt.Cmdr. I plan to max beam weapons, Projectile weapons and the obvious stuff but then i still have like 1000 SP left until i can reach Lt.Cmdr. which i do not find any obvious fields for to put into. Would putting some into the team leader skills also help space combat? (e.g."Enginnering team leader"). The description is not very clear about it.

Thanks for all your help and replies in advance, this time i want to do it right.

Cya out there and live long and prosper!