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02-08-2010, 06:57 AM
Disclaimer: I am not a cat person, but I try to be helpful anyway (I am allergic to the little beasts)

"Inappropriate Elimination"

Cats do not pee outside the box out of spite, or to "get back at you." There are two main reasons why cat urinate outside the litter box:

1. UTI or Blockage
A cat may associate pain from a urinary tract infection or blockage by urinary crystals with the litter box itself. Consequently, the cat will seek out other places to urinate. It is imperative that you rule out a medical cause by taking your cat to the veterinarian without delay.
2. A Dirty Litter Box
Cats are fastidious animals and carefully cover their feces and urine, so as not to leave a trail for predators to follow. If a litter box becomes full, they will look elsewhere to pee and poop. Regular litter box maintenance is extremely important.