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02-08-2010, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by Badem View Post
faire enough, here are the answer to your questions

1) everytime I entered a Fleet action I have seen ships aove level in instances, I have even been in a fair few that start out fine, everyone roughly same level, all having fun, got first part done, then a CPT or ADM jummps into instance and proceeds to out DPS everyone on the last 20 enemies and gets number 1

2) Nope its not a gripe fest, i am merely thinking of other low level players who have not played the game before, trying this and then getting virtually no rewards out of it.

3) Godlseller are active in the game, the favorite method of transaction is the exchange, I have already seen the 400 cred items on sale for 100K, thats not just greedy profiteering.
Um... Ok on the responce Except the last one...... Are you saying the gold sellers deliver the gold to the players over the exchange...Um...There is no way ( to my knowledge ) to know whom your buying the stuff from until you buy it...Sooo, dont understand your point.

Now IF someone is DUMB enough to pay thru the nose for stuff that is overpriced THEY SHOULD TURN THE PAGE ON THE VENDER LIST, usually you will find it cheaper.

MY POINT, it appeared to me you wanted to stop this becasue of gold sellers, but now it seems you find it a bitter pill that people ar placeing high on the list cuz of damage. To this I respond in kind, There are several ways to deal with this, mainly just change instance.

But to concide to your point , it would suck having some one come in every time I wanted to place on the list, but....Lol, I would just wait and change instance, and if it persisted, ask the guy to give me a break.

Either way to ban folks from the instance, well that just sucks to me