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Originally Posted by Juy View Post
Now i figured that it would help my science Boff with his tachyon beam ...
As you've correctly surmised, you need more aux to see results with Tachyon Beam, but the other thing is proximity. Tachyon Beam doesn't do much if you're firing it from 10km out, you really want to use it at distances of less than 5km.

You could always pop an aux battery before using it.

1) Which science Boff ability will still be the most helpful under those circumstances? I think of trying the tractor beam ability to pull the loot towards my cruiser. Any suggestions?
Tractor Beam does not pull things towards you, and cannot be used on loot drops. What it does is immobilize (or severely slow) enemy ships.

This is extremely useful for a cruiser, and my favourite power on mine. The point being I can burn down a shield face, then immobilize my target as I fire my torpedoes. Prevents them from turning away.

2) I am picking "warp core theorist" as 1st trait as i assume it helps power levels of my ship.
Yes, but do realise that Warp Core Theorist boosts the Warp Core Engineering skill, much like Astrophysist boosts the Operations skill. You will still need to invest points in the appropriate skill if you want to see returns...but I think everyone should max out Warp Core skill anyway. For the extra power.

Would you recommend "Accurate"? Does 10% more accuracy translate roughly into 10% more damage with moving enemies involved? I understand that when shooting static targets accuracy is negligible.
Not really. Frankly speaking the forum community doesn't have a good view of the space traits that boost accuracy and evasion. They don't seem to make much of a quantifiable difference.

But that's the general opinion; you may feel differently.

3) I am not sure what to skill up until i reach Lt.Cmdr. I plan to max beam weapons, Projectile weapons and the obvious stuff but then i still have like 1000 SP left until i can reach Lt.Cmdr. which i do not find any obvious fields for to put into. Would putting some into the team leader skills also help space combat? (e.g."Enginnering team leader"). The description is not very clear about it.
Engineering Team leader boosts the 'Engineering Team' space BO skill. Likewise, the Tactical and Science skills boost the 'Science Team' and 'Tactical Team' space skills. All can be used on allies or yourself.

In space, Engineering Team is a hull heal, Science Team is a shield heal, and Tactical Team is a damage buff (and helps fend off boarding parties).

All those powers also provide a short duration buff to skills...Science Team would buff Operations, and so on. In the case of Engineering Team you would effectively see a power increase also, 'cause it buffs Warp Core Engineering.

If you're using these space powers (and they are very good), then putting points in the 'Team skills' is fine.

But all three space powers are also affected by other captain skills. Engineering Team is also buffed by one of the hull repair skills, IIRC, and so on. Though there's some inconsistent data on what Engineering Team is affected by, it is clear it is affected by other skills beyond Engineering Team Leader. And so on.