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02-08-2010, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by Badem View Post
2) Nope its not a gripe fest, i am merely thinking of other low level players who have not played the game before, trying this and then getting virtually no rewards out of it.
That happens with only people within the level range. The reward system is completely broken.

Originally Posted by Badem View Post
3) Godlseller are active in the game, the favorite method of transaction is the exchange, I have already seen the 400 cred items on sale for 100K, thats not just greedy profiteering.
No that is called greed (aka scams). Last time I looked I didn't notice anything telling you the name of the seller so it is impossible to reliably transfer credits in this way. If the gold sellers tried it with a specific item it wouldn't take long for people to figure it out and put up bogus items (hmmm, have to look into this).