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Hi Guys, I've spent 20 mins doing searches on the forums looking for this, but have been unsuccessful. there is a wealth of information on these forums, but sometimes finding the post that contains what you are looking for can be difficult.

I don;t understand Bridgeofficers and their slots. what slots does each class of ship have? and how are they set up?

I am in the cruiser line right now. my first cruiser had 1 tactical, 2 eng and 1 science.
my heavy cruiser seems to allow 1 tachtical, 2 eng and also 1 sciece. just the tactical an science is now lieutenant grade, and the 1 eng is lt commander grade.

but my ship itself has slots for 3 eng consoles. so shouldn;t I have 3 eng officers? or do the slots have nothing to do with the BO's? i

is there a list anywhere of what slots are availible on each rank of ship. for example when I get to level 31 and become a captian, how many slots will I have for each of science, ENG and tactical. it seems I have Sooo many BO points, and really no use for them, and I really only have 4 officers and they are maxed out. most of them have more abilitys then my ship will let them use. Am I doing something wrong?

Should I be using the points to train up a bunch of new guys? will my captian cruiser open up a new slot for science and tactical and eng? or what should i expect?